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September 2010



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Drabble: It Will Come for your Children


Title: It Will Come for your Children
Characters: Ten, Polly, Ben
Wordcount: 100
Summary: But they *look* so much like you did when you were younger.

A/N: For fantom_fan who asked for Ten and Polly - Ben just sort of added himself to the mix spontaneously.


“You aren’t taking him.” Polly was very firm. “It’s far too dangerous, traveling with you.”

“Weeelll, I admit some things happened, but it wasn’t all bad, was it? Thought you’d like him getting to see the stars...”

“Ben!” Polly yelled, her hand clutching her son’s shirt. “Ben, he’s back!”

A wiry, blonde man catapulted into the flat. “Hands off!” he said. “Go poach someone else’s children, Doctor. None of ours are going off to be monster bait.”

“But Mum…” the teenaged boy complained.

“Maybe the older girl…?”


“Sorry, sorry,” the Doctor sighed. “You know, Sarah-Jane said the same thing.”



LOL! And now you've got me imagining the Tenth Doctor going around to *all* of his former companions to see if any of them will let him take away their children! Ooh, Tegan's gonna hit him with a shoe, I just know it . . .
She would! And that would only be the start - hey, maybe we should do a series on this. X-D

I suck at drabbles, but . . .

"Let go of my daughter this instant!"

The Doctor smiled at the angry, advancing woman. "Tegan!"

"I'm warning you . . ."

He squeezed the hand of the girl at his side. "Warning me? Why? What's wrong?"

"Let her go, I said!" Tegan bent down and took off one of her pumps.

The Doctor looked confused, then his face cleared. "Of course! I forgot -- I've regenerated. There's no need to worry, Tegan. It's just me."

"I know exactly who you are, Doctor! And you're not taking her with you!" Then she swung at him with the shoe.

The Doctor let go and ran.

Who's up next -- Jo? Liz? Nyssa? Or if you want to do Tegan again, I'd love to see your take on it.


The mention of Liz makes me thing of lost_spook's preferred pairing.


"You never let me do anything without your permission!" the dark-haired teen snapped at her in a way that reminded her strangely of his father. "Just because you didn't travel with him..."

"No arguments," Liz said. "Your father was absolutely right." She addressed the Doctor more than the boy. "He's an excellent scientist, but careless - forgets his travel companions can't regenerate if they get shot."

"Now, that's not really fair..." the Doctor protested. "Wait. What? The Brigadier said that? About me? He's the one who was always pulling a gun..."

"Good day, Doctor." The door clicked shut in his face.

This is getting scary . . .

Liz/Brig! But I have to agree with the Doctor that it's not really a fair complaint! : ) But speaking of UNIT . . .


His son had always been a little clumsy and accident-prone. Well-meaning, but everything he turned his hand to fell apart. Still, he loved his son, and always tried to support him.

When the Doctor unexpectedly turned up and asked if his son could go traveling, he didn't like the idea, but how could he say no?

The TARDIS began to dematerialize, then its engines ground alarmingly. Suddenly the TARDIS was solid; the doors flung open, his son shoved out.

"Harry Sullivan's son is an imbecile!"

The TARDIS left, and Harry smiled. "Did you give the Helmic regulator a good twist?"

Re: This is getting scary . . .

Heh, I only just found these extra drabbles by you and primsong. *is laughing very hard*

(And, Prim, between us we've now given the Brig and Liz and daughther AND a son... :lol:)

Poor Harry's Son. :-( Awwww.

They're all great. It should be a series.

Has a go:


“Yes, but the thing is,” explained Vicki, “that they’re all going to be terribly famous and important to history.” She seemed to have no problem accepting him as the Doctor, which surprised him. He didn’t quite like to ask why.

He sulked. “What, all of them?”

“Well, let’s see – there’s Brutus and Julius and, erm, Galileo, and Leonardo…”

The Doctor said, “You know, I’d have thought your history would have improved by now.”

“I can’t read up on the future, can I?” She smiled back. “Now, do be sweet, and go away before my husband sets his army on you.”


Re: This is getting scary . . .

Vicki has been very productive! X-D Love it. You're right, we should collect these somehow. Maybe I'll do one of those 'series' things on whofic?

Re: This is getting scary . . .

I've decided to do it - what the heck...! Go ahead and add yours as its own drabble and I'll add it in, the more the merrier.

Re: This is getting scary . . .

I was going to say, you need to persuade dbskyler to put hers on Teaspoon, and I'll do mine. Then you steal them and put them in your series.

I can't tell you the evil, power-mad crazy author feelings it gives you. You can take anyone's stories if you felt inclined to misuse your power. :lol:

Re: This is getting scary . . .


Re: This is getting scary . . .

Great! I'll watch for them and once they're approved they'll be added.

And more are welcome, of course! I have Leela and Jamie/Victoria coming up.

Re: This is getting scary . . .

Well, if you're collecting them:

"You heard the Queen!" Yrcanos bellowed. "Our children shall stay here and be brought up in our traditions."

"Yeah," Peri added. "And if you keep on arguing that's contempt of the Sovereign. We could have you executed for that."

"But surely you could spare one of them?" the Doctor pleaded. "Perhaps the girl? I'll look after her, I promise."

"Oh, yeah? Like you took good care of me? I was killed by alien slugs and had my brain scooped out, remember?"

The Doctor, Yrcanos and her children all looked at her in silence.

"...I got better, OK?" she added defensively.

And then I wrote a couple more.

It looks like he actually got one with Heather:

"And what about your father's parents?" the Doctor asked.

"My gran's quite famous," Heather admitted. "Samantha Briggs. The Minister for Trade and Industry."

"Oh, yes?" The Doctor looked at her closely. "And your grandfather?"

"He was called Jamie. I don't know any more about him. From the way she talked, it sounded like it was a one night stand. At Gatwick, I think."

"Jamie. Well, well, well."

"Is something the matter?"

The Doctor put his feet up on the console. "Funny thing, isn't it? You look and look and can't find what you're looking for. But the moment you stop..."

Re: This is getting scary . . .

And the inevitable Zoë one:

The Doctor set the TARDIS in motion, and turned to his latest companion.

"Welcome aboard, Jason. Now, where would you like... just a minute. Déjà vu."

He crossed the console room to where a large chest stood, and flung it open. Jason stared as his mother climbed out.

"I've told you before about this sort of thing," the Doctor grumbled.

"If you think I'd ignore the chance of a TARDIS trip, you don't know me very well," Zoë said triumphantly. "And I want to make sure Jason doesn't get involved with unsuitable alien girls."

Jason flushed bright red. "Awwww, Mum!"

Re: This is getting scary . . .

Ha! Be sure to put these up on Teaspoon so I can add them to the heap - it is rather fun, isn't it? I just did the Chestertons, and Benton.

Re: I suck at drabbles, but . . .

Hey there - if you add the drabbles for this concept as their own stories over at teaspoon, I'll put them in with the others and we can have our very own shiny Series!
Okay, you've inspired me to do another one, but as it's slightly different (you'll see), I thought I'd run it by you first for "concept approval":

He tried to look casual as he rejoined them, but . . . "Luke Smith! Where have you been?"

Luke gave her an innocent smile. "Nowhere. Why, how long was I gone?"

"Just five minutes, but we couldn't find you, and are you sure there isn't anything you want to tell me?"

"No, Mum, I swear. I was just around the corner, that's all," he said with confidence.

Clyde took him aside. "Funny, but your hair looks a little longer than it did five minutes ago."

"Shhh." Luke looked around nervously. "Don't let Mum find out! She'd kill him. Anyway, you're next."
Sneaky sneaky Doctor! But you *know* Sarah-Jane won't be fooled - and the Doctor's going to get raked over the coals next time he pops up.
Yep, I don't fancy his chances, or Luke's . . . or Clyde's if he thinks he's going next!

I just submitted it to Teaspoon (under the title "Success") so feel free to claim it for your series if you are so inclined. : )
Priceless! dbskyler is right, too - this fanfic image of Ten desperately companion-hunting like this is v. amusing. (And he'd have a much better chance with Sarah than Polly on the warpath - doesn't he know anything? Heh. :-D)
Polly defending her children would be a fearsome thing indeed. :-D
Teehee! The Doctor really should know better than to try companions who left him of their own accord the first chance they got. Or has he already been rebuffed by all the more likely choices?
Well, only a few had the possibility of producing double-companionated progeny - no doubt Barbara and Ian raked him over the coals as well. X-)
I wouldn't put it past Seven, if he had that idea, to set up companion/companion marriages, nip forward twenty years, and harvest their children. But if Ten had that idea, I dread to imagine whom he'd try to pair off with whom. Probably making perfectly understandable mistakes like Harry/Sara and Steven/Victoria en route.

re: It Will Come for your Children

*laughs* And once again the comparison with Peter Pan is so apt. :)