December 24th, 2009


The Annual UNIT Picnic

And here it is - the one that Started It All.

Title: The Annual UNIT Picnic
Characters: Three, Jo, the Brigadier, Benton, Yates and UNIT
Wordcount: 3520
Summary: The Brigadier and UNIT attempt to enjoy their annual summer picnic, except for an odd alien occurrence which isn't the Doctor's fault, of course.

A/N: After thoroughly enjoying revisiting old favorites via youtube (before the Great Purge that took down so much classic Who goodness) I found myself wondering how some mundane holiday event would have gone at UNIT, hence writing this rather cracky bit all in a go (though one has to allow for a stack of coconut cream pies to have been available, for instance, and finding out 'badminton' has another name Across the Pond, etc.) This led to the discovery of a marvel I had previously been unaware of - A Teaspoon and an Open Mind and... well, it's all been a crazy ride from there.

This fic took Second Place for Classic Crackfic at the Children of Time Awards.

This has remained one of my most popular DW fics, most likely because clean humour is always fun for everyone, and it's only one chapter. At Teaspoon: The Annual UNIT Picnic

The Annual UNIT Picnic
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Some Like it Sweet

It's amazing he isn't more hyper than he is.

Title: Some Like it Sweet
Characters: Three and the Brigadier, with Jo
Wordcount: 397
Summary: Three prefers his tea well-doctored, to the Brigadier's disbelief. Standalone humorous vignette.

A/N: That scene in Day of the Dinosaurs where the Doctor loads up his tea with scoop after scoop of sugar always amuses me.

Some Like it Sweet
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jo, hug

The Shining Furrow

Something a little longer -

Title: The Shining Furrow
Characters: Three, Jo, the Brigadier, Benton, UNIT
Wordcount: 34,520 (in a prologue and 13 chapters)
Summary: An out-of-season meteorite in Trelissick, Cornwall, a missing man and missing ferns; the Doctor and Jo have a puzzling, dangerous riddle to solve.

A/N: This tale, quite strangely, arose from reading one of my favorite classic poems by Tennyson. I expect the storyline is not even remotely like anything Tennyson had in mind when he penned it, but nonetheless I have used it for my guide. You will find its lines at the opening for each of the chapters. Apologies to any non-whovian Tennyson-lovers.

Photos of Trelissick tower and the Fal may be found at Folly Towers:

This is a personal favorite and also one that meant plenty of (mostly enjoyable) research on the nature of fractals, meteors and Trelissick gardens, Cornwall. Nothing like writing to expand the horizons on unexpected topics. For the most part it is 'adventure' and mystery in approach with a few undertones of somewhat serious Three-Jo fluff tucked in for which I'll give it the 'romance' tag though it barely qualifies. This has been called a "missing episode" by some, and for that I am greatly complimented. Enjoy the read.

The Shining Furrow at Teaspoon

Or at

Titles in a Box - Episode titles in drabble form

Shoehorning them in

Title: Titles in a Box
Characters: Doctors One through Seven plus Nine with assorted companions
Wordcount: 1200 plus titles and commentary.
Summary: A collection in which all of the titles from the various Doctor's eras are gathered, stuffed or wrangled with varying intelligibilty into drabbles.

A/N: This was a self-challenge to see if I could wrangle all of the titles of each Doctor's era into drabble form and still (sort of kind of) make some sense. Some of them - such as Four most notably - needed more than one drabble to pull it off. I allowed for one "wildcard" leftover word that then became the title for each one.

Titles in a Box at Teaspoon

Titles in a Box at


Doctor, you shrunk the tardis...

Title: Monk-in-the-Box
Characters: The Meddling Monk with cameo by One, Vicki and Steven.
Wordcount: 1,691
Summary: A series of vignettes set just after The Time Meddler, in which the meddling Monk, frustrated at the First Doctor's having stolen the trans-dimensional control from his ship (and thus keeping it tiny) rams himself into his chest-sized TARDIS and tries to steer it anyway, setting off in a very brief attempt to still influence various turning points in history.

Monk-in-the-Box at Teaspoon

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Just a Little One

Zoe wants a pet... Quark.

Title: Just a Little One
Characters: Two, Jamie, Zoe
Wordcount: 1,986
Summary: Zoe wants a pet.

A/N: A bit of humorous AU for 'The Dominators' that grew out of my family's own repeated exclamations of how adorably cute the Quarks were and how they wished they could have one.

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A Custom Vehicle - the Series

In which Bessie saves the day

Titles: A Custom Vehicle, A Custom Order and A Custom Design
Characters: Third Doctor, Jo, the Brigadier, Benton, Yates and UNIT
A Custom Vehicle - 11,104
A Custom Order - 17,387
A Custom Design - 17,987
Summary: Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart faces an unwelcome government audit, surely a good excuse to chase after aliens in the English countryside.

A/N: I have serious vehicle-love for Bessie, surely one of the best heroic cars ever. The first story started out as a singular tale in homage to Bessie's awesomeness, then grew into a three-episode-arc. I'm not entirely sure there won't eventually be a fourth one either! They are 'classic episode' style, about 6 fat chapters apiece. These are loosely set in the time where his TARDIS being inoperational, the Doctor began pouring his restless tinkering into a little yellow car instead. References are made to the First Doctor serial War Machines.

Links to each story in the series at Teaspoon:

Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart faces an unwelcome government audit, surely a good excuse to chase after aliens in the English countryside.
A Custom Vehicle

Aliens, strange machines, a quarry and forgotten military tunnels in England! It must be Three and Jo again. And yes, this Cold War era underground city really does exist in Corsham - truth is stranger than fiction.
A Custom Order

Bessie is missing! Why, and what will become of her? Is the fate of Britain involved? Of course.
A Custom Design