December 13th, 2009


Only a Bit of a Song

Wise things in small packages.

Title: Only a Bit of a Song
Characters: Bilbo, Boromir
Wordcount: 3067
Summary: A pre-Fellowship setting out interlude in Imladris. Seeing Bilbo sitting in the sun in Rivendell, Boromir decides to see if he can get a little information out of him only to find the old hobbit isn't as clueless as he seems.

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The Passing of Fire

A piece written in appreciation for an oft-forgotten but very important character.

Title: The Passing of Fire
Characters: Cirdan, Gandalf
Wordcount: 1139
Summary: Cirdan of the Havens contemplates his choice of who will be the new bearer of Narya, the Ring of Fire.

A/N: I was always touched by Gandalf's great heart and the warmth and courage his role as bearer gave him. And yes, I am aware that book-Gandalf had dark eyes, I chose to go with movie-Gandalf's eyes instead only because they seemed more sympathetic to the sea.

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Slightly chilling.

Title: Inheritance
Characters: Frodo, Merry, Otho and Lobelia Sackville-Baggins
Wordcount: 1273
Summary: A somewhat disturbing short story, musing on what might have happened if important papers had fallen in the wrong hands the night of the Birthday Party.
A/N: Honourable Mention, MEFA 2006

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Pumpkin Night

A little tale written for the harvest season, October 2008

Title: Pumpkin Night
Characters: Gaffer Gamgee, Sam and the other Gamgee children
Wordcount: 1960
Summary: The younger Gamgee children find out what a proper 'pumpkin-night' is like. What is that mysterious creature in the fields...?

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Saruman's Laundry

Note to self: add bleach

Title: Saruman's Laundry
Characters: Saruman, Gandalf
Wordcount: 800
Summary: A set of four humorous double drabbles in which Saruman must face the consequences of poor laundering and the significance of color. Rather cracky AU.

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The Fellowship go to the Library

Written for Take the Fellowship to Work Day

Title:The Fellowship go to the Library
Characters: All nine of the Fellowship plus a self-insert
Wordcount: 1716
Summary: What is says on the tin - they accompany Prim to her then-job at a grade school library.

A/N: This was written for a challenge that we show what would happen if we took the Fellowship to work with us - a very early effort in my writing (especially as evidenced by the the 'tense') but still potentially amusing to anyone who has ever been around a grade-school.

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The Song of Bingo and Lobelia

Oh the on-purpose bad writing horrors

Title: The Song of Bingo and Lobelia
Wordcount: 435
Summary: Written for a 'Bad Writing' challenge, a purposefully awful rendition of the ballad of Beren and Luthien redone for Bingo (Tolkien's rough draft of Frodo) and Lobelia.

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The Passing of the Fellowship

All who saw it wondered what it meant

Title: The Passing of the Fellowship
Characters: the entire Fellowship
Wordcount: 776
Summary: The Fellowship passes by in a highly individual way.

A/N: This was a One Hour challenge piece, in which we were given a prompt from Tolkien's writings and then had one hour to chase the bouncing ball where ever it might go. Mine developed an unexpected bounce.

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A Blaze of Glory

Crying 'Fire' in a crowded fic

Title: A Blaze of Glory
Characters: Gandalf, Gimli, Legolas, Aragorn
Wordcount: 1317
Summary: Gandalf is back, but the circumstances are a bit warmer than expected.

A/N: Another 'one-hour challenge' in which we were given a passage from Tolkien and an hour to chase it along. Sometimes the results are a bit unexpected!

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'Rings' Director Reveals Truth Behind Special Effects

Title: Newsflash
Wordcount: 618
Summary: Director Peter Jackson reveals unusual camera tricks create special effects.

A/N: I vaguely remember coming up with this shortly after the release of FotR and actually fooling some people on our forums until they were about halfway into it. Obviously PJ had nothing to do with this whatsoever, in spite of the ending lines.

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